Cancun Wedding Photography | Kelly & Chris

Many photographers long to photograph a destination wedding, and I’m certainly no exception. I was contacted by Kelly & Chris, who had had a friend of theirs recommend me. They loved my work and we got along really well, so they decided to fly an assistant and me to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

We decided to go full bore with our photography. Kelly and I secretly scheduled several sessions in Kansas City so we could create a small book to give to her husband-to-be once they were in Mexico. We had a great deal of fun creating the book!

We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach, in the Riviera Maya. It was an amazing and beautiful place to be. There was even a cool abandoned building next to the resort, which I also photographed.

The weather cooperated beautifully, though I got sunburned every day. This despite putting on sunblock twice a day! It wasn’t too bad, though. My assistant Jess and I were in great shape the day of the wedding, which was on the beach.

The Caribbean makes for such a wonderful backdrop. It really is a blue as they say it is! It was so intense, and so beautiful. We had some lovely clouds, though they were a little troublesome when it was time to take the group photos. It’d be sunny one second, then cloudy the next.

I particularly enjoyed the photography we did the day after the wedding. Kelly wore her dress and we all went to a cenoté, which is a sinkhole of sorts with the most amazing, crystal clear water I’ve ever seen. I had brought an underwater housing for my camera and we went underwater and took pictures! It was so fun.

In total, I brought four cameras (including an infrared-converted dSLR), and we wound up using them all. One of my cameras failed during the reception, so I sure was glad to have the backup.

I hope anybody reading this who’s having a wedding outside my home turf will shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to shoot your wedding!


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