Kansas City Boudoir Photography | Jessica

Jessica and I went back and forth for quite a while, attempting to schedule this shoot. Eventually, we came up with a date that worked for everybody involved, and we were set. A week before the session, though, we found out that our location, the White Haven Motor Lodge, had closed permanently! I was very unhappy to hear this news, because that was such a wonderful hotel. Every room was decorated differently, and the rooms were all very nice. No generic chain motel here! And they were reasonably priced as well. I will miss this hotel.

So we found another location and had a wonderfully fun time with our session. We were joined by Jenna Huffman, who styled the wardrobe and did the makeup, and James Pillatzke of Pinkie Couture. During the session, Jessica split her time between making some smoldering sexy faces and just laughing her head off.

If you’re thinking about some sexy photography for that special someone, or perhaps for yourself, please drop me a line! My extensive experience with both fashion and art photography help to make for an exciting and rewarding shoot, not to mention some beautiful photographs.


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