Kansas City Engagement Photography | Kelly and Cameron in the Rain

We scheduled Kelly and Cameron’s engagement session a month ago, since their combined schedules limited their availability. As the date approached, I told them that the forecast was calling for more of the rain we’ve been having for the past week or so. I also let them know that I’m absolutely not afraid to take pictures in the rain. Kelly’s response: “Bring on the weather!”

Oh, how I love working with clients like this.

We started at 8 in the morning, and the thunder was already audible, though it appeared (by the radar) to be staying north of the river. They brought their dog Wrinkles with them, and we did some portraits of the whole family. It was pretty dark out, and the lights on the foot bridge were still on. Her mom took Wrinkles away after a while, and it wasn’t too long after that the rain started coming down. At first it was pretty light, but man, did it pick up!

Kelly and Cameron were great. The rain and the thunder didn’t seem to faze them at all, and after a while, we were all having a lot of fun! We were completely soaked by the time we were done, and a little cold. But the results were certainly worth it.


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