Kansas City Wedding Photography | Keli & Travis

Keli and Travis had a very glamorous wedding. They look like a couple from a bridal magazine spread, but I assure you, they are real! And they couldn’t have been nicer. They were very fun and easygoing, being open to virtually all of my suggestions for photos. And we took a lot of beautiful photographs; I had a hard time choosing the best of the bunch!

This being an August wedding, we decided to go to Union Station for our formal photos. As you can see, the gang was very playful! Union Station is a terrific place to take photographs indoors when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Then we were off to Town Pavilion, which is primarily an office building, but it made for an awesome wedding venue. As a photographer, I really enjoyed shooting here, because there are multiple levels that are easily accessible. I was up and down the stairs all night! A nice workout indeed.

I have to say, the party was the best planned wedding reception I’ve ever seen. The DJ was on top of everything, keeping everybody engaged. There was choreographed dancing, and it was the wedding party doing the dancing! The night ended with a pretty spectacular game of musical chairs. All in all, a very fun night!

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