Kansas City Event Photography | The City Market Farmer’s Market

Stephen Melvin Photography is based in Kansas City’s historic City Market, which has long been of my favorite places in Kansas City. This summer, I’ve been going to the farmer’s market nearly every weekend and have marveled at the incredible variety of fresh produce and meat that was on display. Add in the various street performers, the Sunday yard sale and the full-time restaurants and other businesses, and you have a wonderful place to spend a weekend morning, or go to lunch during the workweek. I very highly recommend Habashi House, which is my favorite restaurant in the market.

This past Saturday, I went to the City Market at 5:30 in the morning to take photographs of the farmers and other vendors as they arrived and set up. Getting up this early is no easy task for me! But I was motivated. The recent excessive heat didn’t hurt my desire to go early, either. I can’t imagine how early everybody gets up to go sell their produce, but I’m glad they do. It’s definitely worth the trip.

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