Kansas City Wedding Photography | Amina and Mujahid

They say variety is the spice of life, and I absolutely love trying new things, especially when it comes to photography. So when I was contacted by Cornerstone Photography and asked if I’d like to help them photograph a Pakistani wedding, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.”

Amina and Mujahid’s wedding took place over two days in July. I was there for the second day of the wedding, meeting them at Union Station for portraits indoors on a day where the temperature reached 100 degrees. It’s such a beautiful building, and the air conditioning was definitely appreciated.

Oddly enough, I met Amina for the first time at the same time Mujahid saw her for their “first look” in her wedding dress. And what a dress! “Beautiful” doesn’t begin to describe how lovely it was. I love seeing color at weddings, and this one was gorgeous.

We went to the Marriott in Overland Park for the reception, and they did a remarkable job with the room. The food (Pakistani, of course) was amazing, and I enjoyed some of the variations on what I’ve come to expect at wedding receptions. There was the cutting of the cake, for instance, but the bride wound up feeding about a dozen people in addition to her groom. The cake was decorated with the logo of the groom’s favorite English Football club.

The night ended with the Rukhsati, which is where the bride is sent off with the groom and his family. It was a beautiful and emotional scene to photograph.

The couple was extremely nice and a great pleasure to work with. I enjoyed photographing my first Muslim wedding, and I hope to get more opportunities to photograph all sorts of different weddings. I had a great time.

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