Kansas City Wedding Photography | Kelly and Cameron

I first met Kelly and Cameron over a year before their wedding, photographing their engagement portraits last year. In the meantime, I got to know them pretty well, producing an amazing boudoir book with Kelly that was a tremendous hit!

The wedding was at Loose Mansion, which is an absolutely wonderful location for weddings. This building is gorgeous, and the food they serve there is as good as any I’ve had in my years of photographing weddings. It’s truly first rate.

Speaking of first rate, Kelly’s hair was done by James Pillatzke of Pinkie Couture. He’s without a doubt the most creative stylist in town, and his work holds up. I’ve seen some bride’s hair fall apart during the wedding day, but Kelly’s looked great all day long.

Naturally before the wedding, we went around town, taking pictures of the very happy couple. I’d done some scouting beforehand and found the park with the chess boards, so I decided to bring a chess set for our session. What fun we had!

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