About Me

Straightforward photography has never been interesting to me. Even back when I was in school, earning my degree in photography, I was always the student who was different. I tried to turn my assignments into something that would challenge me, rather than just meeting the requirements of the class.

For about ten years I shot B&W film almost exclusively. B&W is wonderful for photography of people. It’s moody, subjective, interesting…

Even today, a lot of the work I will present to you will be in B&W, because that’s the way I sometimes prefer to see my subjects. You will rarely see a straightforward, ordinary, color photograph from me. When you do see color, it will be muted. Or saturated. Or tweaked and twisted around…

I do not photograph weddings in a conventional style. A thousand little details make up a wedding, and it’s my job to find the important ones that will speak for the day. Once the cake is eaten and the dress has been put away, all that remain are the photographs. I want our photographs to be timeless.


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